Mill Church Family,

The story of our church is an amazing, eight-year journey! It speaks loudly of God’s faithfulness, allowing our local body of believers to make an eternal impact within our communities and our world. Like any journey, this one has been filled with good and tough times, highs and lows. But throughout the chapters of The Mill, we have witnessed continued growth and impact. We are all humbled and grateful that God has chosen to bless our church, and to use us in reaching the world.

We believe it’s time to write the next chapter of our church history! In the pages of this book, you will find the plan for the future of our church. It is part of a church-wide, comprehensive initiative we are beginning called BOLD. As our church and community continues to grow, we must be prepared for this next chapter. Included in these pages are highlights of the impact of our church, plans for next steps, and ways in which you and your family can be BOLD for Jesus.

Our vision as a church hasn’t changed; in fact, it is that vision that compels us to intentionally take steps to ensure the next chapter of The Mill is even greater than its past! The Gospel of Jesus is good news to all, and we want to continue to be a church that does all that we can to lead people to a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. I’m inviting you to open your heart and your mind. Allow God to inspire you and challenge you through His Word over the next few weeks. Join us in anticipation of the future that God has for us. Join us in being BOLD!


Zach Burris - Lead Pastor


Take Action

We’re asking everyone at The Mill to pray, engage, and give in new ways during this season. As you consider
your part in this vision, ask yourself: 

  • If someone were to look at how I use my time, energy, and money, what would they learn about my priorities?
  • Am I involved, relationally, in the lives of my neighbors? Are my interactions being shaped by the gospel?
  • What difference do I want my financial commitment to BOLD to make in my own heart and life? Will my commitment pinch me, prod me, change me, allow me to meaningfully sacrifice for the mission of Jesus?
Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated, common men, they were astonished. And they recognized that they had been with Jesus.
— Acts 4:13


What will this plan accomplish?

BOLD is a two-year initiative designed to strategically accelerate the presence of Jesus into agrarian communities of rural, Central Wisconsin.

Jesus spent a disproportionate amount of time bringing life to rural, relatively uninhabited towns. He brought vitality to spaces otherwise marked by poverty, dysfunction, abuse. Think about it: meals for the starving, friendship for the lonely, salvation for the lost. 

Today is no different in that our small towns are in great need of a visitation from Jesus. Often marked by dilapidated church buildings, sleepy programming, and burned out pastors, rural communities need the gift of His presence.

The question becomes: Will the people of God—like Jesus—choose to incarnate themselves into the beautiful, rustic spaces around us? Are we willing to get off the “pavement” of traditional ministry in order to reach unincorporated people? Or are we indifferent to the plight of rural areas and willing to let die the pioneering work of our spiritual fathers and mothers?

I believe it’s possible that the Spirit of God would cultivate a holy restlessness, a righteous unease, a nagging nauseousness in the hearts of God’s people! It’s plausible that a new generation of leaders can bust up these spiritual ghost towns, not with persuasive words of human wisdom, but a demonstration of the Spirit and of power!


To accelerate the presence of Jesus in rural spaces,
we need to pursue three major strategies:


Church planting is the most strategic way to grow the body of Christ. The Mill Church will multiply into new locations that promote geographical accessibility to the Gospel.


• We will precipitate Jesus to parched, agrarian contexts by planting new “locations” and/or autonomous churches.

• We will partner with other churches if chemistry of church leadership is evident. If necessary, we’ll act alone.

• We will steward well the interests & assets of existing locations while acknowledging by our actions that the Gospel is worth taking risks. 


The ability to send missionaries requires missionaries. The Mill Church will multiply leaders in both number and capacity by equipping, sending, & celebrating the called of God. 


• We will systematically host, train, and commission teachable persons seeking practical, boots-on-the-ground training for vocational ministry. 

• We will transform our church people into theologically-trained church planters and missionaries by way of intentional discipleship and diversified educational opportunities. 


Longevity requires stability,
stability requires ownership, 
and ownership
requires building. 


• We will construct buildings that are attractive, spacious, and multi-purpose so that we might corporately treasure Jesus and those for whom He died.

• We will build for our children’s children. This isn’t about our enjoyment. It’s about leaving a spiritual legacy.

• We will share with others what God has provided. Atmospheres of inclusivity bring community members into proximity of the life-changing power of the Gospel. 


Did You know?


The Mill Church has seen up to 9% of the combined populations of Stratford and Edgar at our church locations on a Sunday!


The Mill Youth recently divided on Wednesday evenings for tailored ministry to both junior and senior high students.


Stratford FFA students have been utilizing our church property to grow vegetables to supplement cafeteria lunches.


Our regular attenders drive from Marathon, Spencer, Colby, Mosinee, Dorchester, Vesper, and other places.


Each Fall, our students rake leaves for 15-25 under-served families in Stratford & Edgar. 


Having a total of two worship leaders just two years ago, The Mill now has seven lay leaders that are trained and capable of leading our congregation in worship.  


All dollars donated from The Mill to Stratford Schools (as a “thank you” for utilizing the school gymnasium) are being set aside for new playground equipment. 


The Mill staff enjoys great relationships with school admin officials in both Edgar and Stratford.


The Mill has exposed well over 100 people to missions work via trips to El Salvador.





With fundraising and construction complete, The Mill (then North Ridge Church Stratford) began meeting in the Mid-Towne Building with roughly 60-70 in attendance each Sunday. 



We began holding two services and school-age children began meeting on a donated carpet square in the unfinished portion of the
Lower Level.



Roughly $20,000 was raised in order to finish what is now known as “RockZone” for
school age children.



10 acres were purchased on State Highway 97. A $90k+
loan was paid off in just nine months! 




We became “The Mill Church.”
Our first additional location began meeting in the Edgar High School Auditorium.



Following the presentation of a master plan for the development of acreage on State Highway 97, The Mill Church near unanimously approved to begin fundraising.



On Sunday, August 13, 2017, The Mill experienced its highest-ever Sunday morning attendance excluding holiday weekends. By God’s grace, 272 individuals heard the Gospel! 



Through this BOLD generosity initiative, we hope to serve our communities by telling them of the good news of Jesus, for generations to come.