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What's The Mill?

Formerly North Ridge Church, The Mill was planted in Stratford in the Fall of '09 across from the old Ulrich Feed Mill.  Historically ... lumber, feed, paper, & other kinds of mills have processed a variety of goods throughout central Wisconsin. While these mills have offered vitality to cities, villages & townships, sustaining generations across the rural landscape, we believe that it’s Jesus who processes us. We have seen Jesus heal physical sickness, deliver addicts from substances, and restore broken marriages. So ... think of The Mill as one of Jesus' workshops, a place where He saves people from self-destructing and gives them a brand new start.


What should I bring with me?

A friend or two would be great, but you're welcome to come solo, of course! If you have a Bible, bring that along too because we read from it every Sunday. If not, we'll have one available for you to keep, free of charge.

Is there anything available for my kids?

We have amazing kids programming and/or activities for Infants - 5th graders during our services. All of our volunteers are trained, love Jesus and children, and are background checked. You will be given a tag with your child's ID on it, so that your kid arrives safely back to you and you only. Jesus loved kids and we do too! 

What should I wear?

Anything in between what you would wear to a graduation ceremony and what you would wear to a grocery store late at night. Jeans and even shorts in the summer are entirely acceptable. We're pretty casual, which isn't really right or wrong. It just takes a little getting used to. 

What can I expect to experience?

Because we place value on reaching generations, and particularly young generations who are otherwise leaving the faith, you can expect to hear energetic music, listen to a relevant teaching from the Bible, and meet others who love rural, central Wisconsin.

Can I receive communion at The Mill?

We celebrate communion on the 1st Sunday of each month so that it remains special and doesn't become "old hat." Our only prerequisite is that one loves Jesus. Former and present religious affiliations really don't matter to us, as long as one professes to be a Christian.

Are you crazy?

About Jesus, yes. Jesus said to go into all the world and tell people about Him. While the message is timeless, the methods must adapt over time in order for the church to remain effective. Our desire is to teach the unchanging Word of God in creative and innovative ways. 


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What's The Mill?

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