Hidden: Sweet Assurance

The Music

Choice is something that those with abundance are accustomed to. One might think that this luxury affords the chooser a sweeter and more fruitful life. However, as abundant as life may be, our poor decisions still leave us in a sour state.

But what joy one has when the truth is discovered. The truth that choosing to trust God in all things leaves us with such a sweet assurance of life itself. Even while questions remain open and resolutions left undetailed, the world just works.

I trust Your heart and Your intentions
Trust You completely, I'm listening intently
Hidden, by United Pursuit

Breath and time themselves seem to meld together into one refreshing cup of existence received in gratitude from the Creator Himself. And it is from this cup of gladness that we choose life. We choose to seek Him first. We choose to trust the heart of God and His intentions far above our own. It is here that we see Him as our vision and are led to utter repentance by the reality of His kindness.

You are my vision, my reason for living
Your kindness leads me to repentance
Hidden, by United Pursuit

The Challenge

As you consider, contemplate and sing through this song, endeavor to drop your own drink of sustenance and take hold of His living water. Trust Him, seek Him, and give Him the honor He deserves.

Image attribution: Ezwayz's Blog

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