How we got here

The Mill Church* was planted in the fall of 2009 in the Village of Stratford, WI.

"Planted" seems like a strange word, but in order for something to grow, it must be planted. Churches are no different than delicate seeds in this regard. If you think about it, the concept of planting churches is all too common. In fact, every church that you've ever laid eyes on was planted at one time or another. We were planted by the nearby, long-existing church of North Ridge Church in Marshfield which, at the time, was led by Pastor Gayland Hendrickson.

North Ridge Church's Influence

The faithful people of the Marshfield location:

  • Raised over $55,000 to assist with the build-out and startup supplies (chairs, children's curriculum, etc.).

  • Sent 75 people (loaners) along to serve by teaching children the Bible, cleaning the facility, making hot, fresh coffee each Sunday.

While all but three families have returned "home," we wouldn't have succeeded without the initial crew. The Mill Church will always be grateful for their sacrifice. 

Locations & Demographics

We were planted with the belief that people would travel the same distance to attend a church that they would travel to be visit any Marshfield Clinic, a vital portion of our local health care system.

Early on, we found a newly-constructed empty space that had remained an empty shell for 7 years at the Mid-Towne building 2 217 N 3rd Ave. It was as if God was keeping it for a church to find it.

  • 2009: Acquired space (3,300 sq. ft.) in the Mid-Towne building

  • 2011: Expanded space (1,400 sq ft) for children @ Mid-Towne building

Our Stories

God has done amazing things. We've seen families who had contemplated divorce renew their commitment to God and one another. We've seen alcoholics surrender their addiction and follow Christ. We've seen cohabitating couples separate and work towards a God-honoring marriage. He has certainly blessed our limited efforts.


In 2012, The Mill added a second service to accommodate growth and in late winter of 2014, The Mill purchased 10 acres on State Highway 97, just north of a "cool" establishment called Lilly's Ice Cream. In early 2015, The Mill signed a lease with the Edgar School Board to utilize their auditorium on Sunday mornings for an additional worship location. 

Our story, now a tale of several years, is just beginning. We hope that your family will consider visiting us soon.

*formerly known as North Ridge Church Stratford

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