Patty Koepke

Please pray for Patty's co-worker

One of my employees has an 11 week old preemie. She was thrown out of her bouncer Saturday and hit her head. She got 8 stitches. Sent her home. She woke up middle of the night to check on her and she looked like a unicorn she had so much bleeding. Took her in and she had a bone chip and it was wedging into her brain causing bleeding. She had emergency surgery to remove the chip and is currently in an induced coma. She stopped breathing last night and still has some bleeding. I'd like to ask for some prayers for her.


From the mom, baby is wide awake! She's been doing really good today.  They took her off oxygen and she's doing great.  Feeding tube will be removed is she keeps eating well.  Bandages were changed and there was only drainage, no more blood!


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