Edgar Volunteers: Blockout Dates Due April 21st

In 1 Corinthians 12, the Apostle Paul compares the church to a human body -- every body part is unique in its function but is essential to a healthy human existence. A foot's role looks different from an eye's role but both are vital to the body's ability to function.

If you belong to The Mill Church, you're part of our church body. Your roles may look different -- Kids' Zone teacher, Worship Team member, Courtesy Crew greeter, Brew Crew barista, Tech Team operator, Apes worker, Usher -- but you are all necessary for The Mill Church to function each Sunday morning. Your volunteer service helps the people of our local community to believe in Jesus, belong to Jesus, and become like Jesus. That's important work! Thank you, volunteers, for doing your part for our church body.

To help our church body continue to function smoothly, please submit your May and June blockout dates on Planning Center Online by Sunday, April 21. The May and June volunteer schedule will be released shortly thereafter. 

If you 1) have any questions, 2) would like to change your volunteer preferences, or 3) would like to start volunteering at The Mill Church Edgar for the first time, please contact Rachel Tarmann, Edgar's Location Director, at rachel@themill.church or (920) 344-6511.