Making Music

Seasons of Worship

Here's all the music we play, from the worship sets, to the background music ... for the curious and thirsty alike. Check out some great songs to add to your playlists.

Follow us on YouTube and Spotify and check out all of our favorite playlists. Each trimester, TheMillChurch publishes new playlists.  We organize our music into three main categories:

  1. Seasons: What we pick our worship sets from

  2. Preservice: What we play when we hang out together

  3. Atmosphere: What we play when we all need to focus on God

The Worship Blog

Each week, The Mill Worship Band prepares together to lead our congregation towards God through music. Part of this preparation is seeking the leading of God by studying and focusing on the very lyrics we sing and music we play. Sometimes this results in thoughts and insights that we share during our worship services.

The Worship Blog is another platform to share with our congregation thoughts concerning worship and regarding the songs we lead and the stories God has given us.

Worship Band